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Product description
VWR Sport Springs are specifically engineered to replace your factory springs with slightly shorter and stiffer springs. They are designed to lower your vehicle's center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling all while maintaining the ride quality and comfort as if intended by the OEM. VWR found the current VAG OEM dampers are a much more sophisticated design than previous generations resulting in a worthwhile improvement in handling with little change. VWR painstakingly developed these springs to work perfectly with your OEM dampers and require no other changes to your suspension to take advantage of their benefits.
The VWR Sport Springs were developed for several VAG platforms all matching correctly to their respective OEM dampers, making this a very cost-effective modification. With different engines and vehicle weights, VWR has developed a range of springs specific to your vehicle and powertrain. These springs are fully compatible with Volkswagen's Switchable ACC (Adjustable Chassis Control) dampers.
A typical VWR Sport Spring customer is one who demands performance over stock without breaking the bank. These springs are not intended for customers looking to dramatically lower or track their vehicle. For those customers, VWR's full line of coilovers are available to suit your individual needs.
Reducing Ride Height and Increasing Spring Rate
Each vehicle will be lowered differently, depending on platform. Most vehicles see a 20-25mm reduction in front and rear ride height. These heights were chosen in order to preserve the wheel travel needed to keep the usability of the standard car, with an increase in spring rate of around 10-15% depending on the type of car. Lowering or stiffening further, as some springs do, in VWR's experience will cause the vehicle to bounce and lose damper control as the dampers are mismatched to the spring-rate and will also cause the springs to run out of wheel travel. You also risk reducing the life of your dampers significantly by choosing the wrong springs, which the VWR Sport Springs are guaranteed not to do.

Customer feedback

Michel Hojda
Oct 19, 2018
Great product! Glad I went with the VWR's.

Advantages: Height drop is perfect. Not too low, but the gap is much tighter, the springs respond very well to the DCC system for the MK7 Golf R. Easy riding in comfort mode & an aggressive feel in Sport Mode.

Disadvantages: Might be a little too bouncy for some in Sport Mode, but that's easily taken care of in Comfort Mode.
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Jason Brauer
Jun 22, 2018
Amazing service! Great product. Car rides a bit stiffer than normal, highly recommend!
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ibraheim fakhroo
May 13, 2018
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VWR Sport Springs For MK7 Golf R

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