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Unitronic Stage 2 ECU Performance Engine Tune For VW/Audi GTI/R/S3 MQB EVO 2.0TSI

Performance Software optimized for use with 93 octane / 98 Ron fuel and basic hardware bolt-ons. The MK8 GTI/Golf R and 8Y S3 Stage 2 Software from Unitronic safely increases power and torque allowing users to enjoy their vehicles to the fullest on the street or on the track without reliability headaches.

MK8 GTI Power Gains: 385 HP / 399 LB-FT (Stock Power: 241 HP / 273 LB-FT)
  • 93 Octane / 98 RON GAS: +144 HP / +126 LB-FT

MK8 R Power Gains: 470HP / 431LB-FT (Stock Power: 306HP / 295LB-FT)

  • 93 Octane / 98 Ron Gas: +155 Hp / +121 LB-FT
8Y S3 Power Gains: 470HP / 431LB-FT (Stock Power: 306HP / 295LB-FT)
  • 93 Octane / 98 Ron Gas: +164 HP / +136 LB-FT
  • Optimized Responsiveness, Smoothness, Drivability, and Comfort
  • Ignition Timing Precisely Calibrated for Higher Octane Fuel
  • Optimized Maximum Output
  • Factory Safety Limiters Retained
  • Power Delivery Perfectly Optimized Throughout the Power Band
  • Speed Governor Removed
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Engineered with Strict Industry Standards
  • Extensively Tested Under Various Driving Conditions
Simple Installation
UniCONNECT+ gives you the freedom to effortlessly install your Unitronic Performance ECU and DSG Software from the comfort of your own home or garage.*
Unitronic recommends the use of these battery chargers to ensure, uninterrupted, trouble-free, flashing at home!
UniCONNECT+ is a Programming and Diagnostic Interface which gives users the freedom to reflash their Engine Control Unit (ECU) or Transmission Control Unit (TCU) from the comfort of their own garage. With the ability to upgrade the Unitronic Performance Software, flash back to stock, and also perform diagnostics, UniCONNECT+ is a complete end-user programming and diagnostic interface that provides control over your vehicle.
Change Software Maps
Quickly and Easily re-flash your ECU with Performance Software maps designed and specifically calibrated to suite the hardware and fuel modifications or fuel grade used.
Data Logging
Gathering high resolution data is made easy with Unitronic’s pre-configured channel loadouts for fast and effortless troubleshooting and data logging.
Simple back to factory restoration
UniCONNECT+ makes it painless to revert your ECU back to it’s stock calibration within minutes.*

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Unitronic Stage 2 ECU Performance Engine Tune For VW/Audi GTI/R/S3 MQB EVO 2.0TSI

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    Audi S3 2022+ (8Y) 2.0T
    Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK8 (2022+) 2.0T
    Volkswagen .:R Models MK8 (2022+) 2.0T