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This tuning suite makes tuning sweet. The Eurodyne Maestro 7 Tuning Suite, available from USP Motorsports, enables you to get the most from the performance mods you’ve made to your VW / Audi.

Can’t decide if you want Stage I, II or III tuning or your Volkswagen or Audi? With the Maestro 7, you can decide as often as you want. It’s easy to change to the precise settings you want. Using the Powertap software features become totally accessible, easily viewed and completely understood your car’s ECU. A tuned VW is a faster VW. How fast is up to you.

Maestro 7 Suite Components

The tuning VW / Audi tuning software kit contains the Powertap interface and the Maestro Suite:

  • Eurodyne Flash
  • Maestro Logging Software
  • Maestro Editor

Euro Dyne Volkswagen tuning software delivers high-speed, detailed communication through the Powertap. A 16-bit micro controller with dedicated hardware can handle both CAN bus and K-line protocols. The Audi / VW tuning software loads onto your laptop. The Powertap and computer are the only tools you’ll need for installation. No wrenches, screw drivers or pliers are involved.

Audi / VW Flash, Reflash

Simply upload the software to your computer and link to your ride through the Powertap to make Audi and VW tuning easy. With Maestro 7 Audi / VW ECU tuning, you’ll be able to use the graphical interface to:

  • Flash and reflash the ECU.
  • Retrieve and clear fault codes.
  • View measuring blocks.
  • Start the logging function.
  • Initiate Powertap firmware updates (they’re free and released along with new features).
  • Launch quick tune in some applications.
  • Activate 2 step launch limiter in some applications.
  • Turn emissions diagnostics on and off.
  • Read ECU identification information.

Load, Reload ECU programs

The Eurodyne Maestro Editor allows high-speed data logging through graphing, map tracing and a map editor. You’ll access all necessary scalars and switches in the ECU code. The file can be saved and named, then uploaded to the ECU. If you change the tune of your VW and decide you liked an earlier tune better — or believe it works better for, say, a track day — simply find the earlier, preferred program and reload it.

With the Eurodyne Log Viewer, you’ll view up to 20 values in text, gauge or graph view. The Log Viewer interprets and plays back data logs.

*Due to the nature of software products and the inability to verify if your car was returned back to factory software this product is non-returnable. 

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Customer feedback

Andrew Gardner
Feb 3, 2018
I am very happy with EuroDyne Maestro 7, it was easy to flash my car with a base file and tuning is pretty much endless. I switched from a APR Stage II file to a Eurodyne Stage II 4 bar fpr base file, and the improvement was great. Much smoother and more torque all across the rev range.
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Ronald King
Jan 20, 2018
Great tuning tool for my 2003 GTi 1.8T. Easy to use with lots of built in tunes. Highly recommend this product.

Advantages: Extreme flexibility, great online information available through various forums. Software is somewhat intuitive if you have basic computer skills and good understanding of what tuning changes affect what you are trying to do.

Disadvantages: No real documentation with the suite.
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EuroDyne Maestro 7 Tuning Suite For VW/Audi

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    Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK5 (06-2009) 2.0 TSI
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