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Oil Catchcan Kits & PCV Catchcans for Audi, Volkswagen VW, BMW & Porsche Vehicles

Every engine needs clean oil to cut friction and prolong its life. What it doesn’t need is oil accumulating in the intake manifold, turbo piping and intercooler, or needlessly dirty oil burning in the cylinders. A PCV catch can pulls oil from the vapors that leave your crankcase before they can be burned in the cylinders.

Even if you decide not to catch your dirty oil vapors to improve engine performance, you’ll still require parts for your Audi or VW PCV system. Below you’ll find catch can kits and OEM-style accessories, including PCV hoses and valves. We have oil catch cans for sale and other PCV products from top brands, including 034 Motorsport, APR, Bosch, BSH, Forge, Integrated Engineering, Mishomoto, OEM VW/Audi, Radium, Spulen, Torque Solution and VAICO... more

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SKU#: 8742
MFG# 034-101-3040

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MFG# 034-101-3012

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MFG# 034-101-3039

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MFG# 034-101-3034

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MFG# 034-104-2007

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MFG# 034-101-3026
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MFG# 034-101-3023

Breather Hose Mid/Late AMB Valve Cover Silicone For B6 1.8T Replaces OEM part #s 06B 103 221F and 06B 103 221L
SKU#: 8840
MFG# 034-101-3016

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MFG# 034-101-3048

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MFG# 034-101-1001
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Silicone PCV L-Hose & Volkswagen For Passat 1.8T AEB B5 Audi A4 Manufactured from High Temperature Silicone for a Long Life
SKU#: 8839
MFG# 034-101-3015

SKU#: 770
MFG# TS-VW-013

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MFG# 06E 906 517A

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The standard emissions controls on your car route the exhaust vapors from the crankcase back into the combustion chambers through Positive Crankcase Ventilation, or PCV, to be burned again. That keeps the air clean by lowering exhaust emissions, but it makes your engine dirtier internally.

When you use an oil catchcan, the air remains clean but your engine’s internals are cleaner, too. Oil catch cans help your engine run smoother, last longer and maintain clean valves. They use baffles to pull aerated oil from the vapors that exit your crankcase, collecting the captured oil at the bottom of the catch can. You won’t have oil collecting in places you don’t want it. Empty the catch can when you change your oil, and dispose of the collected oil just as you do the oil from your crankcase and old filter.

Select a catch can kit, catch can breather kit, competition catch can kit, dual catch can kit, catch can in aluminum or carbon fiber, catch can adaptor, and oil catch can hose; or OEM-style breather hose, breather hose kit, check valve hose, crankcase vent valve, evap purge valve, or oil separator PCV valve.

If you have a VW 2.5L, consider removing the factory brake vacuum pump, which replaces the problematic external vacuum pump. Removing the engine vacuum brake is effective and the conversion costs considerably less than a replacement vacuum pump. Blockoff plates provide a complete kit.

Other engines with applications from this page are many but not all VW/Audi 2.0T FSI and TSI, 1.8T, and VR6 24V and 32V. You’ll find help in choosing the right fitment when you open individual product pages.