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034 Dynamic+ Lowering Springs For 4M/4M.5 Audi Q7

Developed specifically for the 4M/4M.5 Audi Q7, Dynamic+ Lowering Springs are engineered to improve handling performance and deliver superb ride quality. Designed as a true no-compromise solution, Dynamic+ Lowering Springs provide a visually pleasing yet functional stance, and reward drivers with precise vehicle control and OEM+ comfort levels. During our intensive long-term testing, we saw no detriment to strut life or detrimental ride quality difference. These springs were engineered in-house and tested extensively before release to ensure that they deliver the ideal combination of performance, comfort, and reliability.

Dynamic+ Lowering Springs were thoroughly tested on the street on 034Motorsport's 2018 Audi Q7, and by independent Q7 enthusiasts before release. 034Motorsport underwent multiple variations of lowering spring, balancing handling, ride height, and comfort.
Each set of Dynamic+ Lowering Springs is manufactured in the USA at an ISO 9001 certified facility, and tested to 034Motorsport's exacting specifications to ensure they deliver unmatched performance for the discerning Audi enthusiast.
  • Improved Handling Performance
  • Superb Ride Quality
  • Improved Chassis Dynamics
  • Reduced Body Roll & Understeer
  • Lightweight, High-Strength Construction
  • Shot Peened & Powdercoated
  • Made in USA at ISO 9001 Certified Facility
  • Note: Will Not Fit Vehicles With Factory Air Suspension Option
Ride Height:
  • Front - Approximately 0.9" (23mm) Lower
  • Rear - Approximately 1.18" (30mm) Lower
Spring Rates:
  • ~13% Increase in Front - 480 Pounds/Inch (Linear) (Stock: 425 Pounds/Inch)
  • ~13% Increase in Rear - 590 Pounds/Inch (Linear) (Stock: 522 Pounds/Inch)

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034 Dynamic+ Lowering Springs For 4M/4M.5 Audi Q7

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MFG# 034-404-1018
SKU# 40629

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