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Brand: USP Motorsports
Manufacturer Part Number: MPN: USP-MK8-DAZA1
USP SKU: SKU: 75032938

Product Information

USP Motorsports MK8 Golf R 2.5T DAZA Engine Swap Holy Sh*T Conversion Kit

Presenting not one, but two world firsts at USP Motorsports. The MK8 Golf R... AND... an RS3 2.5T DAZA Engine Swap for the MK8 Golf R!!! 

That's right, we F*CKING DID IT! COVID-19 can suck it. Not only were we able to get our hands on the very first MK8 Golf R, we are offering a DAZA 2.5T Engine Swap. Additionally, all this quarantine time allowed our engineers to modify and fit some parts with the help of some of our top brands. 


  • 034 Dynamic + MK8 Golf R Sway Bar Kit
  • APR MK8 Carbon Fiber Intake
  • Aggressiv Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
  • AWE Switch-Path MK8 Golf R Exhaust System
  • Integrated Engineering MK8 Golf R High-Flow Downpipe
  • Lager Aluminum Water Pump Kit (Because we know the OE one will leak)
  • Racingline Light Alloy Wheels
  • SPULEN Competition Coilover Suspension Kit
  • USP Motorsports Titanium Wheel Bolt Kit
  • USP Motorsports Burnout Box
  • DAZA RS3/TTRS 2.5T Engine

Through an extensive calls in favor, begging, bribing and the occasional threatening, we at USP Motorsports have managed to get our hands on the very first MK8 R. At first glance, the 360WHP MK8 R seemed like a meh addition to our fleet. So we performed an emergency organ transplant from our RS3, bringing life to the first and only DAZA MK8 R. Making just shy of 669WHP. The process has given us the proper insight on how to offer this option to anyone interested in building a twin. All of the features above are available exclusively through USP Motorsports, for a limited time only, while supplies last. You must provide your own MK8 Golf R, so start making some threats and calling in some favors. 

About The Build:

We started this project at Day 4 of quarantine. We had already read through all of the "Why I Hate..." group posts, shipped out all orders, gave away tons of free stuff, partied hard celebrating 20 years of USP Motorsports, and had nothing left for our engineers to do. So we started by hitting up Javad from 034 Motorsports. While he was busy creating the latest, hottest memes, he agreed to get crackin' on the Sway Bar Kit. Got his engineers on it right away. So we moved on to APR for the intake kit. At first, they were hesitant, Chas was working hard on an RS3 trunk delete kit, but Dave agreed to shift focus on an MK8 intake. Ian was on board to be our test driver. Next on the list was Aggressiv. We 3D printed a mold for the mirror caps and our very own Tyler in assembly got to work on the carbon inlay. We then called up Jesse at AWE, who had to take a break from his Downhill Domination Cycling event but also agreed to get to work on an exhaust system. The team was looking strong so far just one day into the project. 


Then, of course, tragedy struck when we started working on the car. The very first dyno pull and the almighty factory water pump started leaking. So we fired up Lager for the cast aluminum pump. Figured we should get ahead of the curve since we know plastic water pumps are a duds idea. Leaking issue fixed, we decided to hop across the pond (not physically of course, with COVID travel restrictions in place), and reached out to Racingline for those incredible, lightweight alloy wheels. Scott, Matt and Sam rushed to our assistance, shipped a set over right away and we bolted them right on the MK8. With some slight modifications, we fitted our Spulen competition coil-overs, the USP Titanium wheel bolts and of course, our patent-pending, USP Burnout box. Pete at Integrated Engineering, put his earthquake problems aside and hooked us up with the world's first MK8 downpipe. 


Now to the good part. The heard and soul of the system. The RS3 engine swap. We took our USP RS3, which has lived enough glory days, and took the engine out, SRM turbo and all. Hundreds of hours into cutting, welding, duct-taping, and some good spit, we managed to get this into our MK8 Golf R. After a quick search on Google, we found a GitHub page for an OTS tune for MQB. We unzipped the file and using a USB-to-OBD port, we imported the software update to our MK8. Making sure to check the 2.0T to 2.5T box as instructed on the GitHub page, our MK8 was running smoothly. The first dyno pull we got 619WHP. We added some Liqui Moly Jectron and BOOM, 669WHP was achieved. A story of success no doubt, at a time of uncertainty. We thank all of our partners who rushed to our side to assist with this project. 



Since this is a very extensive build, all sales are final, no refunds will be issued. You must deliver us your Golf R to our shop in Coral Springs Florida within 2 days of the purchase, or you will forfeit your deposit. We expect a long waitlist of customers after release, so this is a first-come, first-served basis. Your place in line will only be held upon delivery of your MK8 Golf R to us. Power figures are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. Engine functionality is not guaranteed, but we will make it look like it belongs so you can use it for all your social posts. 


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USP Motorsports MK8 Golf R 2.5T DAZA Engine Swap Holy Sh*T Conversion Kit

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