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USP Rear Wheel Drive Drift King Conversion Kit

The Volkswagen Audi Group has provided us with some great cars since joining forces in 1964. The VW Golf, Jetta, GTI, Passat, Type 2, Vanagon, Corrado, Golf R, Scirocco, A3, S4 and many more, all past of a long and incredible legacy. The GTI for example is hands down one of the most unforgettable models to have ever existed. It's fascinating sporty hatchback design has put smiles in all of our faces for 8 mark generations. But if there is one, critical lacking capability that these great models have to offer, it's the ability to whip some sideways action and turn that grin up to 11. For most of it's life, VW & Audi have released Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive models that have always put a limit to the fun. We all know it's scientifically impossible to frown while DK'ing some lateral Gs, so why have we been limited the ability to achieve true happiness with these models? Some say the decision makers at the VAG simply lacked the ability to pull that e-brake and successfully show off to their friends. Some say it's VW & Audi's way of letting other makers the ability to sell cars. Whatever the reason may be, we at USP Motorsports have unlocked this decades long limitation.

Through extensive research and development, we've come up with an incredibly simple, but effective way of transforming your FWD dull ride into a cloud making, panty dropping, drift king machine. Unleash the full potential of your VW/Audi FWD or AWD, save up for tires and throw out those McDonalds plastic trays, we have the most incredible, plug and play system ever created in the motorsports world. No more reverse burnouts, oversteering will be your new way of life. 


  • FWD to RWD Conversion in Minutes
  • AWD to RWD Conversion in Minutes
  • Adjustable Drift Angle Module (Simple turn the steering wheel more for more angle in your drift)
  • OBD2 Drift Module Works on All modern VW/Audi vehicles

You have lived in the shadows of understeer mediocrity for long enough, it's time to release your limitless potential. We've included some detailed product images to illustrate our incredible new technology. Be sure to go through all the images for a full understanding prior to making your purchase. 

*** Warning: USP Motorsports cannot be responsible for any damage that is likely to occur when you take front wheel drivers and turn them into rear wheel drivers. Furthermore, should this device land you in Formula drift, USP Motorsports has the rights to 50% of your FD earnings in perpetuity. 

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USP Rear Wheel Drive Drift King Conversion Kit

Convert Your FWD/AWD Into a Drifting Machine

Driver May Experience Oversteering Awesomeness
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SKU# 34874

*Universal product, may require modification to fit your car

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  • *Universal product, may require modification to fit your car.