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Racingline Body Strut Brace for Audi B9

Body Brace
Want to sharpen up your Audi B9’s handling responses and steering feel? Our beautiful new billet Body Brace replaces the weak factory braces to reinforce the bodyshell for a more precise and pleasurable drive.
Tighten Up Your Audi's Responses
Why Change?
  • Modern cars like the B9 Audi run a pretty stiff bodyshell. Load your car hard in the corners though, and the thin, pressed aluminum factory brace won’t be doing much to prevent chassis flex as the strut towers deflect laterally. The result? Imprecise steering input and a vague, disconnected feeling from the front end. 
  • The RacingLine Body Brace is a stiff, solid billet aluminum replacement which drastically stiffens the front end of the chassis
  • By reinforcing and tying the front strut towers together, the brace helps to maintain proper suspension geometry under heavy cornering loads and provides consistent steering response, ensuring a more connected driving experience
  • Despite the added stiffness, this improved handling performance comes without sacrificing any ride quality or introducing any additional noise, vibration, or harshness into the cabin
  • Installation is simple and is completely reversible
  • The stunning appearance of the RacingLine Body Brace will finish off your engine bay to the standard the B9 deserves.
Precision Engineered For Perfect Performance.
  • Sophisticated liquid titanium silver finish.
  • Meticulously CNC 5-axis engineered from solid billet
  • Fully reversible fitment with no cutting or trimming required
  • CAD-developed lattice design maximizes stiffness whilst keeping weight down
  • Aerospace-grade T6-6061 Aluminium used throughout
  • Polished, then anodized in liquid titanium silver finish to stay beautiful year after year

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Racingline Body Strut Brace For Audi B9

Control Your Body Roll On Your B9 A4/A5, S4/S5, RS4, RS5

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  • Cars This Fits ...

  • Make Model Year Engine
    Audi S5 B9 (2017+) 3.0T
    Audi S4 B9 (2017+) 3.0T (Quattro)
    Audi RS5 B9 (2018+) 2.9T V6
    Audi A5 B9 (2018+) 2.0T FSI
    Audi A4 B9 (2017+) 2.0T (FWD)
    Audi A4 B9 (2017+) 2.0T (Quattro)