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IE Audi B9 A4 & A5 Cold Air Intake

The IE Audi B9 A4 & A5 2.0T Cold Air Intake is the perfect addition to any engine bay. Give your Audi added horsepower, torque, snappier throttle response, and an aggressive sound. Typical peak gains from our CAI are roughly 10-20 Horsepower and Torque.
B9 A4 Cold Air Intake in Engine Bay  Turbo heat shielding
Product Features
  • Gain of 10-20 horsepower and torque
  • Massive 5-inch diameter air filter
  • High-flow velocity stack
  • Delivers cold air to your turbocharger
  • Cleans up any engine bay
  • Perfect fitment by utilizing factory airbox mounts
  • Black powder coated velocity stack and heat shield
  • Durable 3-ply silicone coupler
  • Double heat shielding for extra protection against turbo heat
Power Gains
The ram air design, velocity stack, and massive 5-inch filter inlet help deliver the most HP possible from a cold intake system.
Expect peak gains of 10-20+HP/TQ on tuned engines. 
Included In The B9 IE CAI Kit
  • IE Intake velocity stack & heatshield assembly
  • IE Silicone turbo inlet pipe assembly
  • IE 5” inlet performance air filter
  • IE Turbo heat shield
  • All necessary hardware (clamps, nuts, bolts, etc)
Increased Air Flow
This Intake delivers an impressive flow increase to feed your turbo. More cold air flow means more power, especially during the hot summer months. Ditch your stock restrictive airbox for the IE intake System.
Design Details
IE engineers set out to produce the highest performing cold air intake that looks great and fits like a factory installed part in your A4. The latest in computer design and 3D scanning technology were employed during the development process for a perfect fit and maximum performance. The final product resulted in the greatest performing and best-looking intake available.
High-flow Velocity Stack
Delivering cold air to your engine is a must for making power. The velocity stack efficiently channels air as quickly as possible into the intake system. The velocity also functions as a solid mount for the air filter which means no intake pipes rattling on heat shields.
Custom Heat Shield
IE uses a three-piece heat shield which performs and looks great. It effectively channels cold air from the front of the car to the massive performance filter. Furthermore, it eliminates the induction of hot air found in other locations of the engine bay. A second heat shield is mounted above the turbocharger to further protect against power robbing heat off the exhaust and turbo.
Perfect Fitment
This Intake fits B9 Audi A4 and A5 without any modification or installation hassles. The install process is simple and can be done quickly with basic tools. The fact that IE intake utilizes the factory airbox mounts ensures a perfect and hassle-free fit. Additionally, the stock rubber mounts allow for engine movement which keeps intake components from getting damaged.  
Classy And  Clean Appearance
Wrinkle black powder coated velocity stack and heat shields result in a sleek and sporty appearance in any engine bay. As a final touch, all IE heat shields are finished with a classy, laser etched, stainless steel IE logo badge.
Easy Installation
Installation is quick and easy install with basic tools. The process should take around an hour for most enthusiasts. CLICK HERE to view and download the IE B9 Cold Air Intake Install Guide.
This intake does not fit cars that have a MAF housing/sensor.
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Customer feedback

Jayson Bautista
Jan 17, 2020
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Does what it’s suppose to do. I love the sound that it makes and looks good in the engine bay.
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IE Cold Air Intake For Audi B9 A4 & A5

Increase 10-20 Horsepower and Torque
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