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Aftermarket Engine Accessories for Audi, Volkswagen VW, BMW & Porsche Vehicles

The heart of your car is an engine that performs across the full range of its limits, and when properly equipped, well beyond the limits set at the factory. You feed your engine fuel and oxygen, and it rewards you with smooth, unencumbered power the split second you demand it. At USP Motorsports we have hundreds of HP engine accessories to help you boost performance with more horsepower and higher torque.

Top brands among our engine parts listed below are APR, Evolution Motorsports, Forge, HEP Performance, Integrated Engineering, LN Engineering, Mishimoto, Neuspeed, NewSouth Performance, Spulen, Torque Solution, VAICO and Wortec; kits assembled by USP Motorsports; and OEM VW/Audi and Porsche...more

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Remote Fill Kit For VWR MQB EA888 2.0T Washer Fill Relocating for MK7 Golf R/Audi S3 Catch can
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As a tuner who shops USP, you can find an engine bay full of products to increase power, with many engineered to fit the engine in your ride: intake upgrades, such as intake manifolds, free-flow intake hoses, and manifold runner flap deletes; supercharger pulley upgrade and installation kit; non-buzzing fittings for boost gauges and boost taps; PCV bypass systems; oil protection kits, oil coolers, oil pans and oil drain valves; high-pressure fuel pumps; turbo muffler deletes; electronics upgrades such as power modules, flash kits and Audi ECU upgrades; billet valve covers (alloy, black or red); billet block off plates; blow off valve kits; intake hoses, breather hoses, brake boost hoses and heater hoses; coil packs and coilpack adapters; power gaskets and much more.

Other engine accessories are quite simple, such as ball pin adapters for securing engine covers and the engine covers themselves; oil dipsticks, both OEM and billet; and oil filler caps that not only ensure proper sealing and oil pressure, but also dress up your under-hood appearance. We even have stylish coolant caps to replace the standard blue caps and clean bay stainless steel fasteners that replace stock bolts and screws, and installation kits to make the job easier. To free intake valves and intake ports on a direct injection engine of carbon buildup in direct-injection engines, there are carbon cleanup kits.

Engines that use the accessories we have include the VW/Audi 1.8T and 2.0T; VW 2.5L and 3.2L; and Audi 2.7T, 3.0 supercharged, and 4.0 TFSI and 4.2L FSI V8s. This section even includes products to make your work easier, such as installation tool kits, pullers, and non-scratching pry tools and pry kits.