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Product description

Turbo Wax Black Center Ring Foam Pad are designed to be use with our / pre wax/ paint sealant

Turbo Wax Innovative foam pad design that is safer and faster. The new design is a recessed back flexible ring permanently glued on the Velcro side so the backing plate is centered on the pad every time. You can center the plate one just one hand in seconds and the center ring prevents the backing plate from cutting threw the foam pad and making contact with the paint. Another benefit of the center ring is that when you have a true centered pad on the polisher the final finish is even and the technician will have less fatigue in their arms.

The face of the center ring pads will have a hexagon cut design which will allow for the chemicals to be distributed better while buffing and keep the heat down as well.

What separates us from the rest is that we don’t just lay sheets of foam with Velcro and die cut them, we manufacture our foam pads with recessed backs to protect and eliminate any accidents a technician can do while buffing. Flat pads are great but if you have an exposed backing plate edge you can hit the paint and cause damage that will set you back.

New generation of buffing pads, hexagon squares that will help trap the polishes while buffing and reduce the heat buildup when the user is buffing. The hexagon pattern on the pads also helps distribute the polish more evenly giving you a better finish, special black ring on the back of the foam pads is to center the backing plate, provide protection from the backing plate making any contact on the paint, foam pads are made from the BEST materials . Made in U.S.A.

Product Features

  • Permanently Mounted on Pad
  • 7.5′ Total Diameter
  • Velcro Back with Centering Ring
  • Centers backing plate every time
  • Center rings protects backing plate
  • Center ring ensures wobble free buffing
  • Center ring is fully washable
  • Hex face revolutionary design
  • Ring provides instant one hand centering
  • Ring prevents backing plate cut threw
  • Ring system is fully washable.
  • Centering Backing Plate NOT included


*Front and Back photo for illustration purposes only sold as a single unit. Our foam pads should last in between 15 – 20 uses if caring of the pads is utilized. ·Periodically clean foam pads with a nylon bristle brush to remove polish build-up.

·If build-up is heavy, rinse foam pad in a sink with water and mid soap.

·Ring out excess water and polish. Air dry and never put in dryer

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1.00# 1.00x7.00x1.00

Turbo Wax Black Center Ring Pad 7.5 Pad Face

  • Foam Material
  • Unique Center Ring Backing, keeps pad on center of plate
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*Universal product, may require modification to fit your car
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  • *Universal product, may require modification to fit your car.