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Product description

RFB Lighting is pleased to announce a plug and play automatic headlight solution. In less than 15 minutes you can convert your car to auto headlights that will turn on when it gets dark outside and then shut off your headlights when it’s light again. This kit is a complete plug in installation that requires no splicing, cutting, or software coding. The kit features an OEM euroswitch for a factory look. Finally your car can have the features reserved for only the high-line models.

- OEM Euroswitch

- Controls front and rear fog light (if vehicle is equipped)

- Plug and play installation



- OEM Euroswitch

- Light sensor module


Programming Instructions:

Learn and remember the light condition for headlights.
Turn switch in the following sequence: Auto -> head light -> Auto, setup is completed after you will hear 3 sounds of “D”.  Headlights will automatically turn on once this light condition is met.


Installation Video:

(MK6 pictured)


Please verify your factory headlight switch using the image at the top of the page. 

Installation Instructions

Customer feedback

Jeffrey James Wagner
Dec 26, 2018
Excellent simple upgrade. 5min install. Should be standard equipment by VW but this is an easy way to get automatic lights on cars that don't come with this feature installed.
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Sep 19, 2018
Install instructions are straight forward and the only tool I used was a flat head screwdriver. Overall a great product if you don't want to have to worry about turning your lights on and off manually. Very satisfied with the product.

Advantages: Lights come on automatically when it gets dark.

Disadvantages: If you don't have rear fog lights and turn them on with the switch, an error will pop-up but go away once you turn off the car. The easiest solution to this is just not turn on the rear fog lights or get some installed.
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Jul 30, 2018
Fantastic aftermarket alternative, for Auto Headlights!
The Hardest part was my hesitation to remove the old headlight switch.
Once I pushed in the switch knob and turned it slightly to the right the old switch pulled out easily. Once it was out of the dashboard it was easy to unplug the harness.
Then you plug the new light sensor into the new switch and then plug the dashboard harness into the light sensor plug.
Then push the new switch assembly into the dashboard. If it took 10 minutes it was a long time. Works like a charm, leave it on Auto, Start the car the lights come on, turn off the car and in a few seconds the lights go off!

Advantages: Added an additional feature capability that was lacking on my 2014 Volkswagen EOS.
I had this on my 2007 EOS and missed the feature.
You can use the photo light sensor to turn on the headlights automatically. Or you can leave the sensor in the dashboard and let the Headlights come on when you turn on/off the car ignition switch.
This increases safety and awareness of other drivers.

Disadvantages: None
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RFB Automatic Headlight Conversion Kit For MK7 Golf/GTI

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