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Product description
Pentosin synthetic and semi-synthetic high performance Motor Oils contain special friction modifiers, offering optimum engine performance and improved fuel economy. Pentosin Motor Oils are all-season, offering great protection against harsh start-up conditions and extreme temperature changes. Formulated for long service intervals, these fluids are also designed to reduce oil sludge and fuel deposits.
Pentosin Motor Oils are formulated to meet not only the demanding requirements of leading European car manufacturers, but API (American Petroleum Institute), ILSAC (Internal Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee), and ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association) classifications, too.
API SM/CF, ACEA A3/B3/B4/C3 OEM Approval: MB 229.51. VW 502.00 / 505.00 / 505.01. BMW LL-04. Ford WSS M2C917-A. Porsche A40 Volume: 5 Liters
100% Fully Synthetic Four-Season Engine Oil  Pento High Performance II 5W-40 Engine Oil is a newly formulated, fully synthetic, high performance engine oil. It was designed to be used in vehicles for all year use. This new formulation allows for longer changing intervals, and it preserves the catalyst, the environment, and maintains outstanding engine performance.
Audi/Volkswagen with 502.00, 505.00, & 505.01 engine oil specs
Warranty Information
Pentosin products are all API and SAE approved with the latest certifications. Using the correct application of Pentosin product will not void the vehicle's factory warranty.
Founded in 1927 in Hamburg, Germany, Deutsche Pentosin-Werke GmbH is globally recognized as a leading innovator and manufacturer of synthetic and mineral oil-based fluids for the automotive industry.

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Pentosin 5W40 Motor Oil: 1 Liter

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*Universal product, may require modification to fit your car
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  • *Universal product, may require modification to fit your car.