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From the factory, Volkswagen unfortunately did not give the MK6 Jetta a button to activate and deactive the Traction Control System (TCS). Fortunately, the vehicle does have the ability to turn it on and off, its just lacking the button (and a few other things to make it functional). If you want to give your MK6 Jetta a button to turn on and off the traction control, USP has you covered. For your convenience, we put together a kit with all necessary parts for an easy installation of an ESP button like the GTI's have. The best part is, that the kit uses a factory VW button for a stock look!!

Please note that some models will not display the ESP off indicator on the dash when traction control is disabled. 

Comes pre-assembled for a plug and play installation.

Some 2014+ models will require coding to the ABS control module. Below is an example of revised long coding in the ABS module needed for the traction control to be turned on and off. Please save your original coding before making any changes. Recoding of your module is done at your own risk. 

Bold values have been changed.
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Randy S
Mar 9, 2018
Overall this is an excellent product. My only complaint of this kit, is that the connector for the ABS Module is very thin and flimsy. Inserting the wire into the ABS module is a bit of a pain. My complaint of this also extends to the wire in itself. While all of the other wires are of excellent gauge and have thick sheathing, this does not. This concerns me as this wire should have thicker sheathing, more so than any of the other wires, as it is in the engine bay exposed to extreme temps and other environmental factors. I could see the reasoning behind the thinner gauge wire, as it makes running through the firewall an easier task but a slightly larger gauge and thicker sheathing won't make the task any harder than what it actually is. This is the reason why I have rated it 4/5 instead of 5/5.

Another suggestion that I may add, is that the instructional video is limited in showing tips on how to route the wires: Through the firewall, etc. I had no problem in doing this but perhaps a user who's not as experienced would in fact have trouble trying to follow this video. One instance that comes to mind, is how in the video they never show where the wire comes out in the engine bay, leaving this up for one to figure out.

Other than the above stated, I find this to be an excellent product. Unlike other kits, the wires are all of adequate length, the connectors plug in smoothly and the finish is OEM quality. Highly recommended to anyone really! No more having VW dictate to you when you can/cant have full power running to the wheels. I live in Pennsylvania, where long hills and constant snow would constantly plague me with the blinking traction light in conjunction with reduced power at the wheels. No longer the case! Now I can power my way out of whatever situation I find myself in.

Worth noting, I installed on a 2014 Jetta TDI and there was no VCDS coding required, so another plus! Just plugged in and was good to go!!!

Oh and you can't beat the price. USP most certainly has the best pricing for this kit. Their competitor, who shall remain nameless :), sells this kit at a higher price and theirs is riddled with negative user feedback: Wires too short, sub-par quality ect.

Also, make sure that you purchase the correct kit! If you have a TDI or any VW model with a credit card holder, instead of the blanks, make sure you get the kit that states credit card holder.

Advantages: Easy to install. This ranks among the simplest of DIY jobs for your VW. Frankly, changing my DRL bulbs took longer than this (my bulbs were stuck, so I had to remove the whole headlight which requires disassemble of practically the whole nose of the car!)

Super clean look! This looks like it came original on the car, no traces of aftermarket whatsoever.

Best customer support/loyalty available: The folks over at USP are the absolute best. I accidentally purchased the incorrect model and unlike most companies which would charge you a restocking fee ect, they only charged me the difference and the shipping. I purchase a lot online and frankly this is unheard of. It seems like everyone nowadays is looking to make an extra cent however they can on the customers, not the case at all with USP.

Disadvantages: None, even with my complaint regarding the ABS wire/plug this is an excellent product.
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Aug 5, 2018
Works Great! Easy to install. Plug and Play.

Advantages: Easy to install. Turns traction control off!

Disadvantages: None
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Simon Vaillancourt
Nov 22, 2018
Great upgrade! No more boost lost! 100$ well spend!!

Advantages: With malone stage 1 on jetta mk6 tdi dsg + traction control button off = 0-60 in 6.6 sec & 1/4 mile in 15.18 sec.

Very good service with USPmotorsports

Disadvantages: nothing!
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Jul 7, 2018
Great kit. USP Motorsports does a good job in piecing these together. Installation was straight forward and fairly simple.

When I engage this button I do not get the warning light on the dash, but it seems like that's just an issue some have to live with on a certain time period of jettas. I have a 2011 TDI for reference. It does however work to turn off the traction control. After this is engaged, no lights come on upon tire spin, nor does the computer throttle the engine back, first tested that in the snow.

Advantages: Added ability to turn off traction control on cars that didn't come with the button.
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Scott Cavill
Jun 8, 2018
Everything showed up fine. The package was well padded with foam. Nothing was missing, and the instructions were clear. I am glad I went with USP. Everything works great!

Advantages: Easy to install kit. The youtube video helped a lot.

Disadvantages: Getting the wire through the firewall was a royal pain in the ass! Not much room under the hood in modern cars. Was a little ruff but got it done.
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USP Traction Control Button Round Button Kit For MK6 Jetta

Turn off traction control with the push of a button
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  • Factory traction control switch
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For vehicles without push to start
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