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JE Forged 2.0L Stroker Piston Set for VW/Audi 1.8T 20V - 9.5:1
Stroker pistons feature a larger bore, larger oil squirter notches, modified piston dish, and properly place wrist pins allowing you to up the displacement by increasing the stroke and bore of the engine. Along with these specially designed stroker pistons, the increased displacement to 2.0 liters is accomplished by using a larger 92.8mm stroke crankshaft and 144X20 connecting rod. This stroker kit results in a 2008cc displacement that yields more horsepower and torque on the same boost pressure, less chance of detonation due to lower peak cylinder pressures, faster spool, and produces more power on low octane fuel.
  • Takes 1.8L 06A engine to 2.0L (2008cc)
  • 9.5:1 Compression ratio
  • Increase horsepower and torque
  • Spool larger frame turbos faster
  • More engine power out of boost
  • Less chance of cylinder detonation
  • Fits all 06A 1.8T 20V engine blocks
  • Includes JE Pro Seal piston rings
  • Includes wrist pins and pin locks
  • No dish deburring or preparation needed
  • Individually inspected for dimensional conformity
  • Individually serialized for complete traceability
  • 23-point post-production inspection
  • Tighter tolerances on 14 critical areas of the piston
  • Machined in dedicated Critical Manufacturing Cell
  • 4X JE forged stroker pistons
  • 4X JE Pro Seal piston ring sets
  • 4X JE straight wall carbon steel wrist pins
  • 8X JE wrist pin wire locks
  • Bore: 83mm
  • Stroke: 92.8mm
  • Rod size: 144X20
  • Engine CC: 2008
Requires machine work! To reach the increased 2008cc displacement and 92.8mm stroke on a 1.8T block, stroker pistons require to be 83mm (+2mm overbore). Overbore pistons require additional machine work including a cylinder bore and hone. This work must be performed by a machine shop. Not only does overboring allow the increased displacement, but this additional work also ensures a proper piston to wall clearance and in most cases results in stronger compression, longer piston life, increased ring life, and quieter piston operation.

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JE Forged 2.0L Stroker Piston Set for VW/Audi 1.8T 20V - 9.5:1

Takes 1.8L 06A engine to 2.0L (2008cc)

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  • Cars This Fits ...

  • Make Model Year Engine
    Audi TT MK1 (00-2007) 1.8T 180hp
    Audi TT MK1 (00-2007) 1.8T 225hp
    Audi A4 B5 (96-2001) 1.8T (FWD)
    Audi A4 B5 (96-2001) 1.8T (Quattro)
    Audi A4 B6 (02-2005) 1.8T (FWD)
    Audi A4 B6 (02-2005) 1.8T (Quattro)
    Volkswagen Passat B5 (98-2005) 1.8T
    Volkswagen Jetta MK4 (99-2005) 1.8T
    Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK4 (99-2005) 1.8T
    Volkswagen Beetle New Beetle (98-2011) 1.8T