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Inbay Universal Car iPhone X Wireless Charging Essential Kit
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Inbay iPhone X Universal Car Wireless Charging Essential Kit

This kit was put together by USP for an easy, universal fit.  Installs in just minutes. Choose a surface you would like to use, tap the power from your car’s existing power source and you are ready to go. Free yourself of wires and take advantage of the Apple iPhone X wireless charging capabilities. 

Included in this Kit: 

  • 17742 - Universal 3-Coil Car Charger
  • 17743 - 2X Home/Office Wireless Charger

USP Motorsports is a performance driven company that focuses on providing our enthusiasts with top quality parts to make your vehicle more enjoyable. To get the most out of a high performance, fun to drive vehicle, it is important to eliminate the drone and stale parts that may distract you from the experience.

Wires are a hassle that we just can’t seem to get away from. For the most part we have media completely wireless and readily available in most new vehicles, but what about power? Charging cables can be quite a distraction while driving, and also takes away some of the joy and excitement when you just want to go out for a drive or improve your daily commute.

Now there is an affordable, easy to install option with the Inbay QI certified wireless charging. Make those cables obsolete, and always keep your phone charged and ready to go wherever your drive takes you. No more searching around your car for that charging cable, or fiddling with tangled wires. This can be a distraction while driving and just overall unpleasant. Inbay allows you to live a wire-free life. Just set your phone down and go.

Inbay products are not limited to the car use. With stylish desktop chargers, you may conveniently charge your phones throughout home and work. The advantage is obvious: you no longer need an ensemble of chargers and cables fitting everyone’s mobile phone needs. With Qi standards, it no longer matters what type of charging connector the device has.

USP Motorsports offers exclusive kits put together so you are wireless everywhere you go. Whether you have an iPhone or android device, we have the kits that fit your needs.

We also offer universal kits to help you get started with everything you will need. For iPhone users, a case or receiver is required. It is highly recommended to add a home charger as well so you are charging wireless wherever you go.

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3# 27x7.00x5

Inbay Universal Car iPhone X Wireless Charging Essential Kit

Wireless Charge any surface in your car, Home charger included

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MFG# Inbay-66
SKU# 20069

*Universal product, may require modification to fit your car

 Recommended by the experts!

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