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IE Catback Exhaust System For B9/B9.5 Audi SQ5 3.0T

IE's Catback Exhaust System for your Audi B9/B9.5 SQ5 features our DroneTrap technology to deliver an enriched sound without the annoying drone. Our passion for design shines with cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing techniques, mandrel-bent, stainless steel, TIG welding, and multi-point reinforcements to deliver an aggressive and refined exhaust note from the turbo six-cylinder engine.

Drone Trap
IE's advanced DroneTrap technology captures the pulse waves responsible for your engine's exhaust note and draws them into a mathematically tuned resonator. The internal port is engineered to resonate these waves against each other in a process that selectively cancels out those responsible for annoying drones. The remaining waves produce the deep and enriched exhaust acoustics enthusiasts love.
Complete True Catback
IE's SQ5 catback includes all sections to replace the factory tailpipes, mufflers, resonators, and midpipes up to the downpipe. Enjoy an entirely new exhaust system that delivers an instant and perfect balance of flow and harmonics to your Audi S-class SUV.
Advanced Engineering
Advanced 3D scanning tools and cutting-edge software provide our engineers with a high-resolution digital model of the SQ5 chassis. This data is then used to optimize the exhaust design for flow and performance utilizing all available space for the perfect catback design.
Tig Welded T304l Stainless Steel
A quality catback needs to sound remarkable AND stand the test of time. All piping is constructed of mandrel-bent T304L stainless steel to offer superior corrosion resistance. All joints are expertly TIG welded by hand using precise fixtures and tooling. We take great pride in knowing your new exhaust was built strong to last.
Stamped Center Resonator
The magic of IE's center resonator doesn't end with our internal DroneTrap technology. The entire system is wrapped up in our stamped multi-wall housing. These design details reinforce the resonator housing inside and out and protect it from warping or splitting at the welds under normal exhaust movement.
Reliable Flex Sections
The forward midpipe sections of our catback incorporate high-quality double-wall flex joints with the strength to remain leak-free. Enjoy your exhaust upgrade without worry, knowing your flex sections can withstand forces from even aggressive track and racing environments.
Reinforced Hangers
Engine movement and exhaust weight are transferred into the exhaust hangers, which puts a lot of stress on the mount brackets. IE's catback system is manufactured with multi-point and boxed-in hanger mounts that will hold your exhaust securely in place without any annoying rattles or breaks.  
Bridged Piping
Parallel sections of the rear catback are reinforced and bridged to offer superior strength and weight dispersion. This minor detail works hard to reduce stress on the welds and protect the piping from vibrations and twisting that can lead to leaks and rattles.
Leak-Free Clamps
There are no thin-sided finicky exhaust clamps found here. The entire exhaust system assembles with our wide-width stretch clamps designed to seal your exhaust connections and pull them together. This style of clamp design is used in numerous high-end OE applications and is known for long-term reliability.
  • Delivers a sporty, deep, and enhanced exhaust sound
  • Includes IE's proprietary DroneTrap resonance tuning system
  • Replaces entire exhaust from downpipe connection back
  • High-flow design to support any power goal
  • 100% no-fuss bolt-in direct replacement, no cutting or welding
  • Mandrel bent TIG-welded T304L stainless steel
  • Reliable OEM-quality flex sections
  • Leak-free exhaust clamps
  • Reinforced multi-point boxed exhaust hangers for long life
  • Stamped multi-wall center muffler
  • Straight sections are reinforced and bridged for no-rattle operation
  • Full kit includes all hardware and clamps for complete install
  • Compatible with both sport and standard differentials

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IE Catback Exhaust System For B9/B9.5 Audi SQ5 3.0T

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