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Tired of fumbling to open your hatch with a hand full of groceries? Well so are we. USP has built a complete kit which allows your Golf's hatch to pop open by simply pressing a button on your key fob, no need to touch the car. Finally your Golf can have this great feature once only reserved for high end luxury sedans.The Auto Hatch Pop Kit features custom hydraulic struts and new ball pin adapters to secure them to your Golf. Installation is straight forward with the included step by step instructions and can be completed with simple hand tools in a matter of minutes. *Please note the pressure of the shocks is affected by air temperature. The hatch may not open as shown in temperatures near or below freezing. Due to the increased shock pressure, the hatch will require more force to close than factory.

(2) Hatch struts
(2) Strut ball pin adapters
(1) Tube of thread lock

Some vehicles may require VCDS coding for proper operation. To verify if your vehicle will need coding stand beside your hatch, hold the hatch release button on your key fob for approximately 2 seconds. If you hear the latch inside of the hatch activate your vehicle DOES NOT require coding. If you do not hear the latch activate your vehicle will require coding. Coding instructions are available here

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Customer feedback

Peter Sands
Nov 5, 2018
Last week I ordered "Hatch Pop" from USP MotorSports.
I had seen this on MK6 car but until now not availble for MK7.
My wife's new SUV has the motor open and close hatch and if I had a choice, this would be my mod for rear hatch.

But, that is not an option so I went the route of "Hatch Pop"
Pictures did not attach - so that is reason reference does not show up.

Below is my install and review at the end.
Pictures of the OE ball connects that are removed. Note the washer used by VW can not be removed and used on USP ball studs.
If you install the USP ball studs, then there is an unpainted ring around the stud as the car was painted with OE studs in place. Looks bad.
I purchased some Stainless Steel Washers (At Lowe's), that fit the stud perfectly. I went with stainless as this area can get wet and over time regular steel washers will likely rust on my white paint.

Below are the studs after the my modification. Good, slight unpainted area seen on hatch stud, but not bad. One could touch up paint if you have right color. At this time I did not.

Comparison of the shocks.
OE VW on the bottom. Made in USA per markings.
USP shock is made in Germany!
Happy news for all you across the pond.
Shock is well built. With only one OE shock installed it can not hold hatch up. For comparison of strength, the USP shock also can not hold hatch up if only one installed, but you can tell it is supporting more weight as it does not fall as fast. So the new shock is not he-man strong. Not being over-kill.
The quality of USP parts is very good. Everything fits like it should. I suggest USP add some washers to use under studs. We MK7 owners are picky about looks. But send SS washers so people do not deal with rust in a year. Not an expensive item to add 4. A small bag is under $2 and you could buy in bulk. If you decide to not use SS then leave out as I would not like other to have rust in this area.

How does it work?

It does just what it should. The parts are quality, they fit and it works.
The shock end of the USP shocks is actually a small spring loaded mini shock. It is the Pop in "Hatch Pop". The close assist feature of OE hatch design is gone. With Hatch Pop, when you are closing the hatch you are reloading the shocks and spring pop. The effort is increased but not un-usable. I will not say it is effort free, but does take some thought and technique to close compared to OE.

If you do not want to touch outside of hatch to close then do not buy this. I found I can close and not touch paint however. I pull down on inside of door with left hand. Once half way down, I reach over with right hand and place palm on the VW logo. Using palm, I can push down with steady force and close hatch to latch. You must not let up at end or the hatch may latch but not be closed secure.

This sounds like a lot, and for many it will not be a mod of choice.
It is cool to be 100ft from car coming from Walmart and hit the hatch open and watch my White GTI pop the hatch and swing up while the parking lot lights shine on my GTI.

How to rate?
I feel the license plate LED mod is a 10. A must do for all and all will like!
I rate the "Hatch Pop" mod a 5-6. No a quality rating but a rating on should all do it. Many will not want to touch car. Many will not like the extra effort to close. This will take a special person who wants this mod.
If you are on the fence then stay off the Hatch Pop side as you might not like the extra handling. MK7 owners are unique and this made will appeal to a more select group. (maybe odd like myself).

My dogs now help me stay in shape with walking, the Hatch Pop will give me the upper body workout to go with it.

USP - sorry I could not tell everyone to go and buy, but I do not want other forum members to buy and not be happy with it.
USP did offer a good product that does what it should. No issues here.

Hope this review helps you decide if "Hatch Pop" is for you.

USP - if you get an electrical version I might have to upgrade.

Advantages: Does just what it should.
Quality parts and design.
Is cool to open hatch as you walk to the car.

Disadvantages: Increases closing pressure needed.
You have to push hard as you are reloading the spring.

This is only reason I gave it a 4. A 5 woul dhave no negative effects.

A good mod but not everyone will like.
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Brian Cale
Apr 13, 2017
I think these could be a five star with a little tweaking but it lost two stars for two major overlooked flaws that should have been caught before they brought this item to market.

Advantages: It opens the hatch and fast!

Disadvantages: Two major oversites and "Disadvantages"
First, It open way too fast and is just too powerful leading to catching other people off guard (Service techs) and making it very difficult to close leading to paint damages (Sctratches) from people grabbing the outside of the hatch to close it.
Second flaw, every time the car is in the rain or gets any kind of water on it the metal components rust badly, often Ill open the hatch and rusty orange water dumps all over the lights and can hit the person opening the hatch.
Both of these are design flaws that could be easily rectified but I wish these were field tested before bringing them to market.
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Miguel Navarro
Oct 19, 2018
The install went simply enough, thanks to the included instructions. Did a quick test with one strut and found it was sufficient to open the hatch. Needs a very strong swing to close in one shot.

Advantages: Pops open smoothly by holding button on fob. Nice to have an open hatch ready to accept items.
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Jan 6, 2018
Installation Completion!

Thank you very much for your good product.

Operation Video

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Joseph Zickel
Oct 16, 2018
I knew that closing the hatch would be more"challenging "...but the pop benefits far outweigh that. My wifey will never use the car, so there! The bigger issue is the spilt button on the fob.

Advantages: It's all good.
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Automatic Hatch Pop Kit For MK7 Golf, GTI, Golf R

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