VW Service & Repair at USP Motorsports

Volkswagen Service & Repair at USP Motorsports


USP Motorsports specializes in Volkswagen repairs and performance upgrades. Specializing in Volkswagen is very important due to the fact that they demand a very high level of knowledge and experience to master. These vehicles require almost a complete seperate arsenal of specialty tools and electronics to complete repairs correctly. If you are not familiar with these vehicle platforms, it is very easy to further damage the car and promote catastrophic failure. And as most are aware of, Volkswagen original equipment parts are not cheap.

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Here at USP Motorsports, we have all the proper tools and experience required to perform full service on Volkswagen. Our technicians are professional and ASE certified, not garage mechanics. Only Volkswagen specialists work on vehicles at USP Motorsports. These technicians do not install or recommend any parts be replaced unless they must be. They do not have a sales quota like some dealerships. After over 10 years of experience, there is rarely a problem on these vehicles we can not repair efficiently and effectively. Our work is a perfect dealership alternative.