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USP Oil Pump Conversion For FSI to 1.8T
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Terry Naber
Dec 20, 2018
Customer brought kit to us to upgrade his 2006 Audi 2.0 BPY engine oil pump. His old balance assembly had a worn out shaft, which was leaking oil around the worn balance shaft housing (typical for BPY VAG engines).

We installed this kit and went well. Hardest part was removing the old oil pump drive chain gear as it was a tight press onto the crankshaft, but a special puller removed it.

Advantages: Replaces the VAG style balancer assembly with a more reliable unit. Very little difference in engine vibration with the USP kit. Holds oil pressure well now.

Disadvantages: No oil pressure bypass. We installed a mechanical oil pressure gauge and upon startup, at 65 degrees shop temperature, the oil pressure exceeded 120 psi with the recommended VAG approved 5w40 synthetic oil.

USP Tech support did not know how to install an oil pressure bypass and said they heard of people using a 1.8 oil filter adaptor, but did not know which 1.8. I have been investigating several different various 1.8 VAG engines, but see no easy way to adapt the oil cooler/oil filter assembly from a 1.8 to fit the 2.0.

I cannot let the car leave the warm shop here in Colorado (was negative 19 degrees Fahrenheit two days ago) without an oil pressure bypass as it likely would blow off the oil filter housing or do other damage. Oil is used as a hydraulic fluid and without a bypass who knows what kind of pressure it could hit on a cold day.

All factory engines have oil pressure bypass, and unless you are driving only in warm or hot temperatures, every vehicle absolutely must have an oil pressure bypass installed. The 2.0 uses an oil pressure bypass in the oil pump/balancer assembly.

We experimented with trying to take a 1.8 oil filter/oil cooler adaptor which also contains and integral oil pressure bypass, but find no easy way to convert to this 1.8 oil filter assy.

We are open for all ideas of how to overcome this problem, but have not solved it yet. The original oil feed hole is helicoiled to 8mm so that the 1.8 oil pump can be installed and a 8mm bolt installed in place of the original 7mm bolt that holds the new 1.8 VAG oil pump.

As a certified Mechanical Engineer, I am toying with trying to manufacture a 10mm bolt with an integral spring loaded ball oil pressure relief valve in the bolt that would vent such over pressure out of the center of the bolt when pressure exceeds 90 psi.

This seems to be the easiest way to create an absolutely essential (for any street driven car where temperatures may drop below 60 degrees) oil pressure relief function. I'm not sure however that a machined out 10mm bolt could flow enough oil to relieve excess oil pressure under all temperatures.

Any help or other's experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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Jan 4, 2018
Car was losing oil pressure and was ready to junk it. Install this and now the runs great and I can chase my ho's

Advantages: Able to chase more ho,s without losing oil pressure

Disadvantages: Ho's are not cheap, so I gots to work .... bitches be needing money and stuff
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Matthew Strelko
Sep 3, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
A great replacement for the factory pump, seeing as it adds more volume and costs 1/3 less than an OEM unit. HOWEVER.... the fact the the oil pump chain tensioner guide kit isnt included with this kit is pretty crappy. The $79 price tag for two bolts, two washers, a piece of aluminum and a drill bit and tap is also outrageous.... raise the price of the conversion kit $15 and throw that stuff in with it USP, You'd be doin g a solid for anyone that buys this kit.

Advantages: Cheaper alternative to the factory oil pump and increases oil capacity while deleting balance shafts

Disadvantages: Doesnt come with the nessacary tools to instal, and you;re forced to spend an extra $80 for $12 worth of stuff.
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Anders Pinslund
Apr 5, 2018
Hi. After browsing every page on the internet, today I finally found "The Answer". After installing a oil pump conversion kit i got the oil pressure lamp when driving on the highway at about 80km/h and the car geared up to 6th - when the rpm dropped.... If I shifted into Sport mode the lamp would go away until rpm dropped again. But the funny thing was, the engine was silent and smooth, no noises at all! But the oil lamp was persistent. Then I found out the oil pressure switch for the tfsi engine shorts out between 1.2 -1.8 bar but the 1.8T switch shorts at 0.55 - 0.85 bar. Today I got 1x 038919081K oil pressure switch in the mail, replaced the old one and VOILA.... no oil pressure lamp.
I am happy now but I would prefer someone could have given me this advice a month ago...

Advantages: Price

Disadvantages: Oil lamp
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Jul 15, 2018
nice kit saved me thousands

Advantages: 70 $ kit was well worth it
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Louis-Philippe Poirier
Feb 20, 2018
@ Terry Naber
Had the same oil pressure problem on my car after installing this kit. Here's the solution:
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