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Product description

USP Motorsports is proud to offer a complete closed element air intake system for the 2.0T. After testing several designs, USP chose to go with a closed element intake system which is fed directly through the front grill of the vehicle.

The mass air flow sensor is joined to a closed element carbon fiber canister filter. The canister filter does not just look good but also performs. Constructed of carbon fiber and incorporating a high flow air filter, this filter was the perfect choice.

Finishing the intake off is USP’s patent-pending Tear-Duct. Not just a normal intake snorkel, the Tear-Duct has specifically been designed to allow maximum air into your engine.  As air enters the front of your vehicle it is captured and compressed at the Duct. As air moves through the Duct, it is further compressed by the “Tear Drop” design located at the rear of the duct. The “Tear Drop” not only compresses the air but also increases flow allowing more air to be pulled into the engine.

Dyno testing yielded exception power results through-out the RPM range. Users can expect to see gains of 8-16 wheel horsepower and 10-16 ft/lbs of torque at the wheels. Modified vehicles will experience larger power gains. 

- Closed element carbon fiber filter
- Patent pending Tear-Duct 
- Complete intake solution
- Includes rear intake pipe

Customer feedback

Ryan Fetterer
Aug 2, 2018
Looks and sounds good. Noticed better throttle response.

Advantages: Priced well. Looks good. Can hear the turbo a little bit more when accelerating, but still quiet under normal driving.

Disadvantages: Could not get hole to line up on the intake tube between the MAF and turbo. Hose doesn't want to slide all the way onto the MAF housing. Everything still works well though. Directions online are only for the tear duct portion and not for the complete system.
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Gerald Stroud
Oct 8, 2018
Not a bad alternative to the forge or vwr intake. It looks great in the engine bay. Not a lot of turbo noises. If u want a quiet intake this would be a good choice for you.
My big gripes about this intake is the fitment was pretty tough to deal with. I wish it was better fitment for a nice looking intake. Also the filter is puny. I like the vwr style filter better for an enclosed solution.
I do get a whistle noise at high rpms but that's common with other intakes as well.!

Advantages: Looks nice great. Cleans up the engine bay a little. Pulls in outside air rather than engine bay air.

Disadvantages: fitment isn't great. Canister hits the battery tray, I could barely get it to bolt up on both ends of the whole kit. Also the air filter is tiny and makes me wonder how efficient it actually is in pulling in air to the engine. I didn't notice any power changes
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carlos caraballo
May 21, 2018
I like the configuration of the system is a true cold air intake

Advantages: Easy to install, engine now breathes true cold air and it's very light
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Henry Kurtz
Sep 28, 2018
CAI works well, and the intake screams at 5k to 6k rpm. My 2014 Jetta 1.8T has the Tear-duct intake and the stage two rear intake pipe. It definitely makes the waste-gate whoosh sound more present through gear shifts.

Advantages: More responsive, better Turbo sound, and looks great, you definitely know the car is modified by looking under the hood.

Disadvantages: None, unless you call the CAI whistle bad!
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USP Tear-Duct Direct Flow Complete Intake System For MK6 2.0TSI

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