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Turbo Wax Green Low Profile Pads are designed to be use in combination with our Swirl Remover or Medium Combound.

The Turbo Wax Extreme Cut Low-Pro Foam Pads are specifically designed for use with Long Throw Polishers. They are carefully engineered to withstand the abuse these machines create.

The Turbo Wax Extreme Cut low profile foam pad is constructed of a very coarse, dense sharp foam that is able to level severe defects on hard paint systems. Heavy swirl marks, scratches, type 3 water spots and other paint imperfections will be effortlessly removed with this pad. Always follow this pad with a less aggressive pad/polish combination to maximize gloss and surface smoothness.

These particular foams will resist the stress and “tearing” action Long Throw Polishers do to other pads. These particular foams will run cooler and don’t collapse or soften from the heat. The dense construction of the foams allows your compound or polish to be used for its correct purpose and is no longer absorbed into the foam. These foams will produce quicker and more efficient results.

In addition to the special foams chosen for these pads, Low-Pro Pads have unique rubber interface, which is flame, fuel and oil resistant. This interface allows Low-Pro Pads to maintain balance during use. It will reduce vibration, which can cause abnormal machine wear. The interface also provides constant pressure to the surface be polished for consistent results.

Extreme cutting foam capable of removing severe defects

Designed specifically for long throw polishers

Foam won’t collapse or soften during use

Engineered foam interface improves pad performance and reduces wear on your machine

Size: 6″ Hook & Loop Backing with 6.5″ Pad Face

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1.00# 1.00x7.00x1.00

Turbo Wax Green Low Profile Pad 6.5 Pad Face

  • Very Aggressive Pad
  • Designed for long throw machines
  • Material Will Not Collapse
  • Produces Quick Results
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*Universal product, may require modification to fit your car
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  • *Universal product, may require modification to fit your car.