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Spulen B8.5 A4 and A5 2.0TSI Billet Spherical Catch Can Kit- Silver - V2
Far from ordinary, the Spulen Spherical Catch Can installs adjacent to your coolant reservoir and provides a factory appearance. The purpose of a catch can is to capture oil vapors from your engine rather than allowing to be recirculated back into the engine. By capturing these oil vapors, your engine will run more efficiently and avoid costly carbon buildup on engine components.
The Spulen Billet Catch Can is a true piece of art. Constructed from a solid block of billet aluminum, each catch can is carefully machined to precise tolerances. The interior of the catch can features a dual chamber design and baffle plate to provide superior separation of air and oil vapors. Attention to detail is a must, each catch can features dual built-in, -10an male fittings for easy plumbing in a variety of applications. 
The Spulen Spherical Catch Can Kit features a billet CNC adapter plate with internal baffling to replace the failure prone factory PCV valve. A miniature oil dipstick is also positioned on the catch can so you know when the catch can needs to be drained. A multiple port boost tap is also included to cap off the open port on the intake manifold where the factory PCV valve connected.
What's Version 2?
The first TSI plate was produced by USP in 2013, and was a great success. Used in a wide range of applications and quickly became a very popular addition. We've been testing the plate on our shop cars since, and used some modifications to develop a new and improved version 2.
The Version 2 plate was engineered with the performance enthusiasts in mind, while maintaining the ability for those looking to use it just for everyday driving. With 5X the baffling compared to the Version 1, and 6X more baffling than most TSI plates currently on the market, this significant improvement will help those who wish to push their cars to the limit. The added internal baffles allow the engine to perform in high G-forces while remaining fully functional. Take those turns as fast as you want to without worrying about any white smoke, or oil easily getting the catch can. This new and improved version makes maintenance easier, and less often. Another new addition is we now include the OEM gasket pre installed. No more swapping out your old dry rot gasket to your new plate. We've also added a new, easy turn knob on the catch can sphere, with a drain line that leads underneath the car. If you need to drain the condensation and harmful fluids trapped in the catch can, no longer need to remove the sphere, simply turn the knob and drain into a container much like changing your oil. Turn the knob back to shut and you are good to go.
Airflow has also improved on the version 2. Using a motorsport inspired baffle box, this plate now gets 126% more circulation compared to the old version, and 140%+ compared to most plates currently on the market. The improved airflow will provide a clean, efficient circulation, allowing crankcase pressure to remain constant and all ports properly vented.
After extensively testing this plate in different climates in the U.S., it was time to take it to the next level of performance. Version 2 plate was tested extensively on the world famous Nürburgring Nordschleife layout. There are few places in the world where a car can be tested so extensively for the sole purpose of durability. This public toll road that also serves as a part time race track is used by car manufacturers around the world as the new standard for building high performance cars. Our Spul Engineered (Spulen) catch can kit stood the test and took the beating. This gave us the confidence to finally release a new design to accommodate all driving styles.
  • Removes harmful oil vapors from intake system
  • Reduces carbon deposits, increasing performance and fuel economy
  • CNC adapter plate
  • -10an hoses
  • Billet Spherical catch can
  • Easy drain valve with a chemical resistant line
  • Improved internal baffling and airflow
  • Multiple port boost tap
  • New OEM Gasket Included
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts
Warning: Installing this plate will not allow you to re-use your existing factory plastic engine cover. 
Does NOT fit E85 Models. 
For vehicles without charcoal canister 

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11.35# 34.5x10.00x10

Spulen Billet Spherical Catch Can Kit Silver V2 For B8.5 A4 and A5 2.0TSI

A unique catch can kit for your car

  • Billet spherical catch can
  • -10an braided hoses
  • Includes multiple port boost tap
  • Eliminates engine blow-by and reduces carbon build up
Factory engine cover will NOT fit
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