Order Status Key

USP uses a variety of order statuses to properly classify your order and keep you updated on the progress of your order. Below you will find a list of order statuses and a brief description explaining each order status.

Order Received- Your order has been received and we will begin to process the order shortly. You will receive an email when your order status is updated.
Pending Ship FBV- Your order has been submitted to an alternate warehouse for shipment. You will receive and email with an estimated shipping date or a tracking number once the order ships.
Product on Order- A product(s) on your order is currently en route to USP. As soon as the product(s) arrive your order will ship. 
Order in Picking- Your order has entered the final stages and can no longer be changed or cancelled. Expect an email with tracking information shortly.
Shipped- Your order has shipped and can now be tracked using the tracking number provided.
Cancellation Requested- If your order is shipping from an alternate warehouse USP must first confirm the order has not shipped. If the order has not been shipped it will be cancelled and you will receive email confirmation. If the order has already shipped you will receive an email with the tracking information.
Refunded- Your order has been cancelled and refunded.
Order Started- You have started an order but failed to complete the payment for the order. The order WILL NOT be processed.
Declined- USP has declined your order due to a shipping restriction or verification issue.
Failed- The credit card or PayPal account used for the order was not approved.
Queued- Your order is currently being reviewed by our fraud prevention team. Or fraud team will review the order within 1 business day. If the order is approved it will be processed. If the order does not pass the fraud review it will be cancelled and you will receive an email.