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Brake rotors are an essential part of a vehicle’s brake system. Located behind each wheel, the brake rotor provides the grabbing surface for brake pads. As the brake pad grabs onto the rotor, the vehicle begins to slow down due to the friction between the rotor and pad. Overtime, the brake rotor begins to wear down and can also warp from hard braking. USP recommends changing a brake rotor if any scoring or lines are visible on the rotor or heat discoloration is present.

Warping on brake rotors may not always be noticeable. If your vehicle experiences a shaking sensation especially in the steering wheel upon applying the brakes, your vehicle likely has warped rotors. 

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17.40# 13.00x13.00x4.00

OEM Brake Rotor Rear For Audi S6

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MFG# 4F0 615 601B
SKU# 2778

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  • Make Model Year Engine
    Audi S6 C6 (06-2011) V10 5.0L
    Audi S6 C7 (2012-2013) 4.0T