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Nextbase Dash Camera 222 - 1080p HD - 30FPS, IPS Screen

With 1080p HD recording and an improved 6 layer glass lens, the 222 offers full HD for everyone. User-experience is further enhanced with the adoption of an exclusive new Click&Go PRO mount for a low-profile connection. Install the power cable directly into the mount, allowing the Dash Cam to be wireless.
Key features: 1080p HD resolution at 30 fps, 2.5” HD IPS screen, 140° viewing angle, free cloud video storage at mynextbase.com, be assured your footage is protected to a secure location. Our eyes on the road, your mind on the journey.
USP Motorsports stands behind the NextBase line of products. Using this in our fleet to capture high-quality HD videos in an easy, effortless way. With several models to choose from, find the dash cam that best suits you and the needs of your Volkswagen, Audi, BMW or Porsche. 
Key Features
  • 1080p HD resolution at 30 fps (720p at 60fps)
  • 2.5” high-resolution screen
  • 140° viewing angle
  • Free cloud video storage at mynextbase.com
  • Click & Go PRO Car Mount
  • Intelligent Parking Mode
1080p 30fps Recording
The 222 and 322GW models record in a higher resolution of 1080p (1980×1080 pixels), with the 322GW able to record at a higher 60 frames per second to make the videos smoother than ever before. This also means that there are twice the number of frames every second to capture important number plate detail.
140° Viewing Angle
From the 222 model and up the viewing angle increases to 140 degrees. This means that you are able to capture a more detail either side, such as the pavements and road signs.
Given this, you might think that it would be even better to go to 160 or even 180 degree lenses, but in reality there is a “sweet spot” where the viewing angle is wide but the images of cars in front of you are not distorted. As soon as you go above around 150 degrees with a lens this distortion makes dash cam videos fairly unusable for evidence. This is why we believe that using a high quality lens with a clear image and a wide view is the best option.
Click&Go PRO
Our exclusive Click&Go PRO™ car mount has integrated magnetic power connectors. Install and remove your Dash Cam with just one hand. The high strength neodymium magnets on the mount and Dash Cam click themselves together so you are ready to go!
The power cable installs directly into the mount itself, allowing the Dash Cam to be completely wireless. All Series 2 Dash Cams include the Click&Go PRO™ mount as standard with a 3M adhesive pad as the default fitting method. A suction cup is also supplied as a secondary option. Over 115 patents and registered designs worldwide covering the Series 2 Dash Cams, mounts and modules.
Intelligent Parking Mode
Intelligent Parking Mode records any bump or physical movement on the vehicle when left unattended.
How does this work?
Intelligent Parking mode is an option that can be selected in the menu of EVERY new Series 2 Dash Cam. As soon as you park and your ignition is turned off, the Dash Cam will automatically switch into “parking mode” by shutting down everything except the G Force sensor. The sensitivity of the G force sensor is then increased dramatically.
With only the G Force sensor active the power consumption is incredibly low, using the internal battery the dash cam to detect any knock or bump to your vehicle for over a week.
If your car is bumped and the G Force sensor registers movement then the dash cam will automatically turn on, record for 3 minutes and then shut back down again. If you are unlucky enough to be hit twice in a row then the dash cam would automatically record again and capture both events.
The NextBase Dash Cameras are universal and will work on any vehicle. Installation is quick and easy. 

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Nextbase Dash Camera 222 - 1080p HD - 30FPS, IPS Screen

Automatically Record Your Driving In HD

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*Universal product, may require modification to fit your car

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  • *Universal product, may require modification to fit your car.