IPD Porsche Plenums

The revolutionary and patented design of the IPD Porsche Plenums improve intake air flow by replacing the factory plastic "T" style design with a more efficient, cast aluminum "Y" design. The IPD Plenums distribute the air flow more effectively by using a true merge collector and reducing pressure drop at the throttle body inlet. This innovative “Y” diversion area of the IPD Plenums split and channel intake air flow reducing air flow turbulence and increasing air flow velocity. This superior and proven design ultimately results in considerably power gains throughout the horsepower and torque curves.

Bottom line, the "Y" design delivers increased power and drivability. The patented "Y" design Plenum offers a lower pressure drop across the merge collector than a conventional/mass production "T" air distributor. Any pressure drop in the intake tract will serve to either back pressure the turbocharger in a forced induction application or to choke intake flow in a naturally aspirated engine. Both scenarios limit the performance potential of the engine.

IPD Plenums have earned the reputation of being the single best “bolt on” performance upgrade you can possibly install on a late model Porsche. The IPD Plenums provide the best power per dollar return in the Porsche after-market industry today. They have been tested, challenged and proven over and over again to deliver the power gains IPD claims.

Every IPD Plenum in our product line goes through a very rigorous and scientific R & D program backed with extensive dyno testing and tuning to deliver the maximum engine output possible. The countless hours we invest testing and tuning each Plenum design, ensures you are getting the highest quality and best performing Porsche performance product on the market.


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SKU#: 17565
MFG# 97174-3.8

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MFG# 96274

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MFG# 96382

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MFG# 97182

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MFG# 97174-3.6

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MFG# 97482-3.6

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MFG# 97482-3.8

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MFG# TB0074

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MFG# 97282

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MFG# 91500

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MFG# 97501

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MFG# 91274

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MFG# 97274.2

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MFG# 91482-3.8

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MFG# 96268

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MFG# 91482-3.4

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MFG# 97500

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MFG# 97274

  • Displaying 1 to 19 (of 19 products)