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Turbo Intercoolers, Hoses, Pipes for Audi, Volkswagen VW, BMW & Porsche Vehicles

Don’t let the heat that’s a byproduct of turbocharging or supercharging rob you of potential power or engine durability. Increase power and engine life by purchasing a VW intercooler or Audi intercooler from USP Motorsports. By design, an intercooler sheds considerable heat in the air compressed by the turbo or supercharger before the air is fed to your engine. Through a liquid-to-air or air-to-air exchange with cooler air in the engine bay, an intercooler lowers the temperature of the pressurized air, which remains compressed and still delivers extra oxygen to the engine... more

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Neuspeed HI-FLO Air Charge Pipe Replaces the OE smashed and kinked plastic pipe
Fits generation 3 2.0T and 1.8TSI only
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MFG# 48.02.72

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Neuspeed Front Mount Intercooler For MK7 Golf R Ultimate forced induction cooling system
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MFG# 48.10.45

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The result: a net gain in horsepower – a very real gain that you will feel, a dynamometer will measure, and acceleration or lap times will reflect. Just as importantly, intercoolers protect your ride. The lower temperatures from intercooling reduce the chances of engine damage from excessive heat or detonation when the compressed air is forced into the combustion chambers and mixed with gasoline. That’s especially important during the stresses of racing and enthusiast driving. Intercooling also lowers exhaust temperatures, so your turbocharger will run cooler as it spins at thousands of RPMs off the exhaust flow.

USP offers complete engine intercooler kits and intercooler parts. All are designed to fit your engine bay and mesh with your induction system. The parts are engineered to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures from the HP increase from turbocharging or supercharging. Our inventory includes such intercooler engine parts as complete intercooler system for turbocharged or supercharged engines, front-mount intercooler kit, upgrade inter cooler kit, blow off valve, hoses to connect the intercooler, throttle body hoses, turbo muffler delete, factory intercooler delete, silicone intercooler hoses in black, red or blue, aluminum intercooler hoses in raw or black, aluminum boost pipe, high-flow air charge pipe, high-flow turbo discharge pipe, and water/methanol injection kit.

Engine intercooler parts are made to fit the VW/Audi 1.8T and 2.0T (FSI and TSI); VW 3.0 VR6; Audi 2.7L and 3.2L V6s, and 4.0L and 4.2L V8s; and Porsche Turbo flat sixes. Car models include the VW CC, Golf R, GLI, GTI (including the Mk7) and Passat; Audi TT, A3, S3 and A4; and Porsche 996 and 997. We help you get the right parts.

Find products related directly not only to intercooling but also to HP turbocharging. Manufacturers include AEM, APR, ATP Turbo, BSH, Eurocode, Forge, Integrated Engineering, Mishimoto, Neuspeed, Snow Performance, Spulen, USP Motorsports, Wagner Tuning, and VW/Audi OEM.