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Performance Air Intake for Audi, Volkswagen VW, BMW & Porsche Vehicles

You’ll breathe easier when your engine breathes better. With a performance intake manifold or cold air intake, engine power increases all the way through the rev band, every time you so much as blip the throttle. Just wait until you hammer it! You’ll experience more low-end torque, more mid- and high-range horsepower, and more driving satisfaction – all with a quality engine air intake system.

We offer throttle pipes, turbo outlet pipes, downpipes, gaskets, clamps, throttle body couplers, max-flow air filters, heat shields and more. We carry all the top brands, including APR, USP Motorsports, Injen, Carbonio, AFE, K&N, VWR, RacingLine, and Volant...more

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K&N Replacement Panel Air Filter For 2014 BMW 535D 2014 BMW 535D L6 3.0L DSL Panel Air Filter
SKU#: 20685
MFG# 33-3028

K&N Replacement Panel Air Filter For 96-10 VW Panel Air Filter for VW/Seat 96-10 Cordoba/Ibiza/Polo/Golf/Lupo/Leon/Arosa/Inca/Beetle
SKU#: 20762
MFG# 33-2774

K&N Replacement Panel Air Filter For Mercedes-Benz/VW Panel Air Filter for 95-06 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter/96-05 VW LT
SKU#: 20761
MFG# 33-2764

K&N Replacement Panel Air Filter For VW Golf V/VI Panel Air Filter for 06-09 VW Golf V / 08-13 Golf VI
SKU#: 20748
MFG# 33-2920

K&N Round Replacement Air Filter For 04-11 Audi A6 04-11 Audi A6 2.0L Round Replacement Air Filter
SKU#: 20655
MFG# E-9282

SKU#: 20673
MFG# E-2653

SKU#: 20739
MFG# 33-2640

SKU#: 17561
MFG# 91482-3.4

SKU#: 3517

SKU#: 3518

SKU#: 17557
MFG# 97500

SKU#: 17556
MFG# 97274

A cold air intake is an easily installed, affordable power upgrade. It takes cooler air from outside the engine bay and feeds it to your engine with reduced restriction. Nothing is more frustrating than getting on it, only to find your engine lags the command from your enthusiastic right foot. Forget that. With improved air intake, the sluggishness is gone.

And here’s a bonus: Improved air induction can pay for itself at the pump with better fuel economy. It’s like getting a free performance boost for just the little time it will take you to install your custom-designed, engine- and model-specific cold air induction kit. 

Installation is easy and requires no special tools. We have all the air intake parts you need to ensure a professional fit and improved performance, and to make your upgrade as efficient and effective as possible. You’ll find examples in carbon fiber, aluminum and injection-molded plastic. Single and double intakes are available.

  • Suits your budget: USP Motorsports discounts every component and system.
  • Model-specific: In our vast inventory you’ll find air intakes for normally aspirated or turbocharged engines, and for models with manual or automatic transmissions.
  • Open or closed: Choose from open air elements, which are exposed inside the engine bay, or closed elements, with air filters enclosed inside the bay.
  • Manifolds: Performance intake manifolds are available in stages, from mild to wild.
  • Everything you need: We offer throttle pipes, turbo outlet pipes, downpipes, gaskets, clamps, throttle body couplers, max-flow air filters, heat shields and more.
  • Perfect fit: These high-performance parts are made to fit your car, with proper gaskets and fasteners that work in systems or adapt perfectly to stock components.
  • Maintenance parts: When it’s time for a new a filter, USP Motorsports has replacements.
  • Colors: Turbo air intakes are available in black, red or blue.