Clutch Masters Wide Open Weekend FX 400 Series for Audi, Volkswagen VW, BMW & Porsche Vehicles

RACE/STREET - 170% Increased holding capacity
The FX400 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate with a custom, extremely durable, Sprung Ceramic disc. This is the ultimate extreme duty street and/or road/drag racing system. It is available in a 6 or 8 ceramic puck configuration, with the 6-puck being the more aggressive setup and 8-puck being the less aggressive (please specify which type you prefer). The sprung hub design allows for moderate dampening in high-torque applications, rendering it much more street friendly than solid or rigid designs. This disc is designed for outstanding holding capacity and rapid heat dissipation.
The FX400/HDCL ceramic full disc design creates a quick and rapid engagement while still creating minimal chatter due to the marcel cushion between the disc linings, this disc is designed for street driven vehicles. *
The FX400/HDC6 ceramic paddle design creates a quick and rapid engagement as well as clutch chatter that may not be ideal for street driven vehicles. *
Warning: Due to the solid (no Marcel) friction rivet design, the FX400/HDC6 disc engages very quickly and may chatter slightly in first and reverse. To help alleviate this problem, we only use premium ceramic friction material.
All stages come as a complete kit including disc, pressure plate,
throwout bearing, pilot bearing (when applicable), and alignment tool.
(Individual components available upon request)
*Ceramic based clutch disc is not intended to increase the life expectancy of a clutch rather increase the holding capacity and improve the durability of the clutch. Using a ceramic-based material for easy street driving may reduce the life of the clutch kit due to harsh engagement and higher tendency to slip the clutch kit. Ceramic disc is never recommended for stock or near stock vehicle applications.
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$719.10 $589.10
SKU#: 4845
MFG# 02029-HDC6

$445.50 $373.00
SKU#: 5002
MFG# 17036-HDC6

$526.50 $449.00
SKU#: 4955
MFG# 02240-HDCL-X

$445.50 $373.00
SKU#: 5003
MFG# 17036-HDC6-X

$652.50 $527.50
SKU#: 4869
MFG# 02017-HDC6-D

$652.50 $592.00
SKU#: 5075
MFG# 17375-HDCL-D

$652.50 $527.50
SKU#: 4860
MFG# 02016-HDC6-X

$652.50 $572.60
SKU#: 4925
MFG# 02032-HDC6-D

$652.50 $583.00
SKU#: 5041
MFG# 17086-HDC6-D

Clutch Masters FX400 Clutch Kit The ultimate extreme duty street or track clutch
For use with single mass flywheel
SKU#: 7701
MFG# 17450-HDCL-D

$526.50 $449.00
SKU#: 4954
MFG# 02240-HDC6-X

$747.00 $629.50
SKU#: 4882
MFG# 02025-HDCL

Clutch Masters FX400 Clutch Kit
For 5 speed transmissions
$445.50 $385.00
SKU#: 5064
MFG# 17250-HDCL-X

$625.50 $525.60
SKU#: 4896
MFG# 02027-HDCL-D

$445.50 $373.00
SKU#: 5005
MFG# 17036-HDCL-X

$652.50 $580.00
SKU#: 4973
MFG# 17020-HDCL-X

$652.50 $580.00
SKU#: 4986
MFG# 17028-HDC6-D

$652.50 $592.00
SKU#: 5074
MFG# 17375-HDC6-D

$652.50 $595.00
SKU#: 5090
MFG# 17400-HDC6-D

$652.50 $595.00
SKU#: 5091
MFG# 17400-HDCL-D

$652.50 $603.00
SKU#: 5118
MFG# 17827-HDC6-X

SKU#: 7191
MFG# 17020-HDC6-SKH

Clutch Masters FX400 Clutch and Flywheel Kit The ultimate extreme duty street or track clutch
SKU#: 7721
MFG# 17450-HDCL-D-KT

$652.50 $527.50
SKU#: 4861
MFG# 02016-HDCL-X