OEM & Aftermarket Engine Sensors for BMW M4 Vehicles

Sensors and other electrical components allow your car's engine control module or ECU to know how it is performing. There are dozens of sensors found on your engine including boost pressure, manifold absolute pressure MAP, oxygen sensor O2, mass air flow sensor MAF, knock sensor, intake air temperature IAT, cam position sensor, crank position sensor, exhaust gas temperature EGT, fuel pressure G410. Other electrical components include ignition coils, coilpacks, camshaft adjusters, alternators, fuel pumps, and a throttle body. USP offers products from brands including Bosch, Siemens-VDO, Genuine Volkswagen, Genuine Audi, and Genuine Porsche.
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P3 Ethanol Sensor Voltage Adaptor (ECA/ESVA) Read Ethanol Content From Your Dash
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SKU#: 17487

NGK Iridium Spark Plug Heat Range 9 Very Cold Plug for High Horsepower Vehicles
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SKU#: 16280
MFG# R7437-9

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MFG# 30-2130-50

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SKU#: 7066
MFG# 30-2130-75

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SKU#: 7060
MFG# 30-7106

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MFG# 30-2130-30

$1506.92 $1356.23
SKU#: 7071
MFG# 30-7108

SKU#: 7063
MFG# 30-2130-15

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