Beetle Traction Control Button Kit

Beetle Traction Control Button Kit
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Aug 26, 2013
Excellent product! very easy to install, took about 45 minutes. the install video is now outdated, and shows "the hard way" to get it done. now there is no more splicing wires with t-taps, (on the MT6) it is just plug wires in and go! the customer service was excellent, and the product even more so. thanks a ton USP!

Advantages: I Autocross, so having undefeatable traction control was unfathomable. no more power-sapping tc, and more fun in my Beetle!

Disadvantages: the button is the stock button which looks like a parking assist, not like a traction control button. however, it looks OEM so i've got no complaints!
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Aug 3, 2014
This kit is nicely done and worth the price. The video is extremely helpful and includes great attention to detail such as the pin locking mechanism on the purple ABS connector. I used a little liquid soap over the electrical tape while pulling the coat hanger/wire combo through the firewall to make it easier.

Advantages: Activated 2-stage traction control in a 2014 Beetle GSR with this kit and the well publicized Golf R coding modification. Exactly what I was hoping for. Now I can push the button once to deactivate TCS or hold it for a few seconds to deactivate ESC. (Not all Beetles have the same control module so 2-stage will not work on all Beetles.)

Disadvantages: Nothing. I wish Volkswagen would have included this from the factory.
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Matt Long
Jul 2, 2015
What a breeze to install! I love not having to fear that thwack, thwack, thwack as the Traction Control kicks in while I've got my foot in the gas. Which is constantly. I love this product and got a huge return on investment.

Advantages: Ease of Use
Ease of Install
Tires spin, make squeal, me like.

Disadvantages: Nothing so far.
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Allen F. Laughrun
Sep 28, 2015
Wonderful! Bought it at SOWO and it compliments my modifications by letting me fully utilize them.

Advantages: No more power loss and flashing lights on the dash when i get on it.

Disadvantages: Wish the button had a traction control symbol versus parking symbol.
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Mar 3, 2014
The hardest part of this install was running the cable from the switch to the brake control module. It looks OEM, does exactly what it it's supposed to, and addresses an oversight in the Beetles controls.

Advantages: The ability to turn off traction control isn't just for the track, it's essential if you're stuck in snow or mud as well!
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Michael Thurow
Aug 21, 2015
Outstanding service....Product works great a little more difficult then it looks.

Advantages: Something wrong you can get a hold of service very quick
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carlos amaya briseño
Feb 2, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
No complains or problems, great service and delivery date was ok! Thanks USP for all o¿tour products and services. Hello from Mexico.

Advantages: Great and easy to install. No more power loss.

Disadvantages: The video isn´t updated, the kit used in the video is like the hard way to install. even if you don´t know how to install it the kit comes with thir instructions.
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Diego Sibaja
Apr 14, 2016
It work very good

Advantages: -Easy

Disadvantages: -I paid an extra dollars because taxes for import.
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william kirkland
May 30, 2016
i needed this option and USP has the best deal, my version of the kit must have been updated, because all u have to do unplug the cig lither plug plug it in to the harness and the harness back into the cig lighter and run the wires, i also found the when i wa trying to remove the plug from the abs i just a finishing nail smallest i could find and pushed it out from the bottom, making sue it didn't damage the plug, and the firewall was the biggest pain in the @ss you are going to need someone to help you with this and a fish tape, and you will need to push it thru from the engine bay unless you cut the fish tape, other than simple.

Advantages: easy to install, allows me put rubber down when needed,

Disadvantages: not exactly like the video due to the upgraded version
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