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From the factory, Volkswagen unfortunately did not give the Passat a button to activate and deactivate the Traction Control System (TCS). Fortunately, the vehicle does have the ability to turn it on and off, its just lacking the button (and a few other things to make it functional). If you want to give your Passat a button to turn on and off the traction control, USP has you covered. For your convenience, we put together a kit with all necessary parts for an easy installation.

Unfortunately there is no OEM button that fits beside the shifter. Therefore, USP utilizes a small switch that can be installed in a location of your choice. We recommend either drilling a small hole in a blank plug beside the shifter or the button can simply be tucked into the center console if you do not wish to drill. 

Comes pre-assembled for a plug and play installation!!

Installation Instructions

Some 2014+ models will require coding to the ABS control module. Below is an example of revised long coding in the ABS module needed for the traction control to be turned on and off. Please save your original coding before making any changes. Recoding of your module is done at your own risk. 

Bold values have been changed.

Customer feedback

Aug 14, 2015
Great addition to the Passat!

Install was relatively easy and straight forward, followed the instructions well. I didnt drill any holes in my dash/console and just left it poking out from between the console and carpet. This kit, plus some Vagcom tweaks (XDS activated) really transform the Passat.

You will need VCDS/Vagcom to finish this mod.

Advantages: Easy install
Simple mod
Small button
Great price

Disadvantages: A little time consuming
No real place to mount the button for a factory look
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Roland Navarro
Sep 24, 2016
Added this to my 2015 Passat 1.8 TSI. It makes a huge difference at launch (I have the APR stage 1 93 tune). Nice to have when you need it.

Advantages: The package came with everything needed to make the install relatively simple.

Disadvantages: I wish the switch had a small led light on it.
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Chris Hansen
Apr 4, 2017
I also put this in a B8 2015 Passat 1.8 TSI. I had to recode the ABS module with my VagCom. My code looked totally different than the one show except for the last 7 digits. I changed the two as shown and it works perfectly.

Advantages: Nice addition.
Definitely helps at launch.
Will help when driving in deep snow.

Disadvantages: PIA to get the wire through the firewall as there is no grommet or bolt that can be removed easily. Had to drill a hole through the firewall to get the job done.
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mark reuss
May 11, 2016
a little bit of a PIA
I bought a vcds to recode this and a few other things.
i have a 2015 vw passat tdi se.
they say" Bold values have been changed."
after playing around for a while . all you change is the 8. not the second to last #.
now it all works.

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B7 Passat Traction Control Button Kit

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