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GFB DV+ Diverter valve (part number T9351) is a direct replacement for the factory valve on late model VAG and Euro applications. (Patent Pending). Keep what works and replace what doesn't! This Direct fit replacement for factory solenoid with TMS advantage. Works with stock hardware, improves performance and reliability. Exclusive pilot activation system allows HIGHER boostpressure. The end result is sharper throttle response, lightning-fast valve actuation, and the ability to hold as much boost as you can throw at it. 
The OE solenoid itself is great- the ECU opens it faster than any pneumatic valve so why replace it? The only valve on the market to solve the problem without flutter, excessive cabling and extra parts, installed in half the time at more than half the price.
- Retains the factory solenoid coil for seamless integration
- Replaces plastic valve parts with metal for reliability and strength on chipped engines
- Direct-fit replacement with GFB’s TMS benefits
- Exclusive “pilot-actuated” valve mechanism for rapid response at high boost
How The GFB DV+ Works

Customer feedback

Andy Ritt
Dec 15, 2015
All I can say is, this DV is engineered with some extreme quality for the price. It will probably never fail. Install was super easy, just have to take some extra precaution(see disadvantages). I was shocked at how much more this smoothed out the on/off nature of the boost. A fantastic buy for the price.

Advantages: I added this after a tune and pulley...the boost seems incredibly linear and progressive now. Less turbo lag for sure. No notable change in mpg/check lights/noise/ect.

Disadvantages: During install, you just have to be careful the thing doesn't 'spring' apart (no pun intended) and damage the valve or lose the spring. Also, be mindful when installing the underside bolt so you don't lose it.
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Mike Mannina
Jan 15, 2015
Well manufactured and easy to install. The tolerances are much tighter than the factory valve. I haven't taken any logs to measure the boost holding capacity and consistency, but it seems to be working well so far.

Advantages: More consistent boost levels.
Progressive holding vs on/off of factory valve

Disadvantages: My car is a DSG so I don't think the improvements are quite as noticeable as they may be on manual car since the throttle never closes.
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Michael Wannamaker
Apr 28, 2016
Great product that was shipped in under 2 weeks at a reasonable price.

Advantages: High Quality
Great Looking
Well Packaged
Reasonable Cost
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Mar 18, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great upgrade to the factory DV. Just a better all around part than what comes from the factory. This unit has no issues with the increased boost pressures that come from tunes.

Advantages: -Quality Part
-Stronger than OEM
-Simple to Install
-Good safety measure for future upgrades
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Blake Smith
Mar 7, 2016
Install was fast and easy. Works for the mk7 GTI. Shipping was a little slow, but worth the wait.

Advantages: Holds boost longer, better throttle response.

Disadvantages: Tight fitment
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Go Fast Bits Diverter Valve - VW/Audi

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MFG# T9351
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  • Make Model Year Engine
    Audi TTS MK2 (2009-2015) 2.0T FSI
    Audi TT MK2 (2008-2015) 2.0 TSI
    Audi TT MK2 (2008-2015) 2.0T FSI
    Audi A5 B8 (2008-2012) 2.0T
    Audi A5 B8.5 (2013+) 2.0T
    Audi A4 B7 (05.5-2008) 2.0T FSI (FWD)
    Audi A4 B7 (05.5-2008) 2.0T FSI (Quattro)
    Audi A4 B8 (2009-2012) 2.0T (FWD)
    Audi A4 B8 (2009-2012) 2.0T (Quattro)
    Audi A4 B8.5 (2013-2016) 2.0T (FWD)
    Audi A4 B8.5 (2013-2016) 2.0T (Quattro)
    Audi A3 8P (05-2013) 2.0 TSI (FWD)
    Audi A3 8P (05-2013) 2.0T FSI
    Audi A3 8V (2014+) 1.8 TSI
    Audi A3 8V (2014+) 2.0 TSI (FWD)
    Volkswagen Tiguan (09-2011) 2.0 TSI
    Volkswagen Tiguan (2012+) 2.0 TSI
    Volkswagen Passat B6 (06-2011) 2.0T FSI
    Volkswagen Passat B7 (2012-2015) 1.8T TSI
    Volkswagen Jetta MK5 (05.5-2010) 2.0 TSI
    Volkswagen Jetta MK5 (05.5-2010) 2.0T FSI
    Volkswagen Jetta MK6 Sedan (2011-2014) 1.8T Gen3
    Volkswagen Jetta MK6 Sedan (2011-2014) 2.0L
    Volkswagen Jetta MK6 Sedan (2011-2014) 2.0T Gen3 GLI (2013.5-2014)
    Volkswagen Jetta MK6 Sedan (2011-2014) 2.0T GLI (2012-2013)
    Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK5 (06-2009) 2.0 TSI
    Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK5 (06-2009) 2.0T FSI
    Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK6 (10-2014) 2.0T
    Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK7 (2015+) 1.8T
    Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK7 (2015+) 2.0T
    Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Rabbit MK7 Sportwagen (2015+) 1.8T
    Volkswagen Eos ALL 2.0 TSI
    Volkswagen Eos ALL 2.0T FSI
    Volkswagen CC (2009+) 2.0 TSI
    Volkswagen Beetle Beetle (2012+) 2.0 TSI
    Volkswagen .:R Models MK6 R (2012-2013) 2.0T FSI