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Model: B106780
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Braille Lightweight Racing Battery 6 lbs.
w/ Carbon Fiber wrap

At under 7 pounds, the B106 is Braille's lightest battery yet. Using AGM racing technology, they have put a lot of power into a very small package. With 510 pulse cranking amps this has enough power to start more than any other battery in its weight class. Average weight for a factory battery is around 45lbs! There is no better performance modification than weight reduction. Saving weight improves acceleration, braking, handling, and fuel economy. Every pound counts!

Braille lightweight racing batteries are used in professional racing series such as the FIA WRC, FIA Formula Racing, Speed World Challenge Series, SCCA ProRally Series, and SCCA Regional and National Racing.

No Spill, No Corrosion, No Maintenance
Technically registered as a "sealed valve regulated" design, this patented technology completely eliminates acid spills and corrosion on terminals. This design is environmentally safe, does not need filling and maintenance. Air shipping approved.

Exclusive Dual Terminal Design
A Braille Battery exclusive! This feature allows the battery to be mounted in a variety of positions. It is designed to accept racing, powersports and automotive terminals vertically and horizontally.

Recommended Usage: 4 cylinder racing applications, warm climates. Not for long term storage.

Physical specifications
Length: 5.8" (147mm)
Width: 3.4" (86mm)
Height (without posts): 4.2" (107mm)
Minimum Weight: 6.9lbs (3.10kg)


Performance specifications
Voltage: 12 Volts
Full Charge Voltage: 13.8 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Max Amps): 760
Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA): 527
Cranking Amps (CA): 283
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 210
Amp Hour (AH) - Electrical Capacity: 10
Reserve Capacity (RC): Less than 20 minutes

All Braille batteries feature an industry leading energy-to-weight ratio accomplished via Enhanced Mat Technology (for more surface area on the lead plates) combined with calcium full frame power path grids (for increased cranking power).

Durability is also built into every Braille battery. Using high-density oxide, Braille batteries offer true deep-cycling ability over the life of the battery. Heavy-duty vibration resistant power posts resist cracking and deterioration common to many lightweight batteries used in harsh automotive environments.

Braille batteries include a one-year free replacement limited warranty that is not pro-rated. IMPORTANT: Braille batteries can only be shipped to addresses within the United States or Canada.

Mounting Solutions

FRP Kit (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Vertical Aluminum Mount Kit
The adjustable design of the FRP Mount Kit allows easy mounting of specific batteries in either the vertical or horizontal position. 7000 Series Aluminum: Lightweight, strong and non-corrosive. This alloy allows an ultralight mount that is secure and is able to handle high G-loads for land, sea and air use.



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Model: B106780
Our price: $274.99
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